Rejected Blog Titles

Other anagrams considered (but ultimately rejected) for use as a blog title:

-The Softer Pens

Decent, but the plural on “pens” ruins it. Plus, it lacks the appealing abstractness of what I ended up with.

-Three Soft Pens

Also not bad, but sadly inapplicable as there’s only one of me, not three. For now.

-Tent of Spheres

Pleasingly geometric if nothing else.

-She Oft Repents

The sentiment is there; the gender is not.

-Pent For Theses

A little too on the nose I think. Look, I’ll graduate when I graduate! Stop bugging me!

-Soft Serpent, Eh?

Wait, what are you implying here exactly?

-Not Herpes Fest

Well okay but I don’t see why you would feel the need to specify –

-Oft Nets Herpes

Hey now that’s not very nice

-Tents of Herpes

Oh come on it’s not tents

-Fresh Tot Peens

Okay now you’re just trying to get me on a watchlist, aren’t you?